Aluminium Venetian Blinds Overview

A fantastic yet quite cost effective solution for window covering, Aluminum blinds can match almost every home décor. Popularly called as Venetian blinds, Aluminum blinds are highly popular because of their aesthetic appeal, light weather and high durability. These classic blinds can be matched perfectly with any home décor courtesy their variety of size and color. Along with giving you the option to keep a check on privacy, aluminum venetian blinds are great to control the amount of light that enters a particular room. A great thing about these blinds is that since they are made out of aluminum, they usually don’t split easily and hence are a durable choice.

Besides the classic options, they are also available in different variants such as the ones with wooden effect finish along with super matt polishes. As far as the location is concerned, Aluminum Venetian blinds are highly versatile and can fit well in any location whatsoever. Be it a bedroom or a bathroom where you need privacy, or a living room or a kitchen where the optimum lighting is essential. Other areas where these blinds can be well fitted are bay windows in bedrooms, study, lounge, and conservatory. Utility rooms and dining rooms are also suitable zones for installation.

Quite a number of advantages are associated to Aluminum Venetian Blinds. First, the aluminum slates can be put in different angles to maintain optimum supremacy. The amount of light that enters a certain room can also be controlled by regulating the slates. An add on advantage is that via the slates one can easily look outside but the outer view can easily be restricted. Besides that the stacking depth of these blinds are quite less even for the long drops and are found in different hues both in matt and glossy finish.

Different control options are available with venetian blinds namely right, left reverse and split. The tilt wand in the split option is on the left while the right side has the pull chords. The exact opposite setting is featured in the reverse option. In case of right and left control option both the wand and the pull chords are on right and left side respectively. The 5th kind is ultrawand which isn’t as common as the other four, where the pull cord passes through the wand hence making the process of raising and lowering the blind very neat and hassle free.

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