Vertical Blinds Limitations

Along with the numerous benefits of vertical blinds there are few pertaining limitations as well. For instance the maximum and minimum sizes of the products can actually vary a tad bit, and must be confirmed before you go ahead and place your order. The maximum available size is 5000 mm, however anything more that 4000mm becomes difficult to maintain because of its size. In terms of the minimum size you can find ones which are merely 100mm, nevertheless that a small size usually contain a couple of strips only and isn’t aesthetically pleasant.

Another limitation of vertical-blinds is that often it is seem that the first louvre stip on the blind slightly overlaps the second, a tad too much more than the rest of them. This however depends on the size of the blinds. Although it might juts catch the eye but remember it’s the way it should be and not a defect.

With doors, vertical-blinds which are fitted to a single variant that opens outwards, stacking might be tricky and takes up about 200mm width. In such a situation a bit of extra fabric is provided, so that you can use it like a tie back. The same principle applies for inward opening doors as well.

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