Wooden Venetian blinds add a classic touch to any home décor. Regardless of its excellent aesthetic features, wooden venetian blinds have few pertaining limitations. The primary point of limitation is that, since wood is a sort of a natural material, hence it is quite expected that plates can be warped. This difference is a tad too much visible is the width of the blades is 25mm. The plus point here is that if at all the slates warp, it does within a month of it being set up in a whole new environment. With wooden venetian blinds a bit of warping needs to be tolerated.

The second problem with wooden venetian blinds is that the pattern of wood as well as the color may not be identical in every slate. Knots are quite common in this blind variant; however they are well checked for knots post manufacturing. However with a natural product, certain knots are tricky to absolutely steer clear of.

In case of multiple blinds that has similar drop, perfect slate alignment is really difficult. The same does for blinds that need to be fixed at different heights.

Last but not the least, slats installed in the lower part of the blinds with longer drops usually don’t close as tightly as the top slats.

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