Aluminium Venetian Blinds Limitations

Sure aluminum venetian blinds are a versatile yet cost effective window treatment options, however it has few pertaining limitations as well. The benefits definitely supersede the cons, however having a sound knowledge of the same helps to take an informed decision.

The first point of limitation is the size of the aluminum venetian blinds. It can maximum go up to 2600mm in width, while the minimum with is 210mm. If the size of the blind goes beyond 2600mm, you should opt for a Continent system, which includes a sturdier headrail and can accommodate maximum of 4000mm in width.

In case of a bay window, which consists of more than a single blind by each other, it is advised to opt for the same headrail to give maximum support otherwise holding together the entire thing can get tricky. Another limitation of aluminum blinds is that the Continent headrails, which are so important in a number of situations, are only available in few shades and finding an exact match can get quite tricky.

Usually the aluminum venetian blinds 25mm in width have 3mm tolerance while drops have 5mm tolerance. Hence the blinds are such positioned by each other that it showcases a slight disparity in height, regardless the fact that they are positioned by each other.

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