Roller blinds give a home a glammed up look, however there are certain pertaining limitations of the product. The most obvious limitation is the maximum and minimum available size. The minimum available size of the product is 100mm when it comes to the variant operated by sidewinder. The limitation here is that roller blinds as small as 100mm cannot be operated in a normal manner courtesy its extremely light weight.

The ones which are larger than 400mm can work flexibly without any hassle. Usually it’s made of a tad stiffer fabric, which can get tricky to roll smoothly. When it comes to roller blinds operated by spring mechanism, the minimum available size is 350mm.

Given a regular roller tube of 32 mm a roller blind can go up to 2450 mm in width. Ones that go beyond that usually require advanced mechanism and hence are more expensive than the regular variants. It is recommended that 3000mm width is not crossed if you don’t want to spend on special applications.

However this limitation in size is pretty much dependent on the tube’s diameter. If the tube is thin, it is quite difficult to support a heavier blind. Hence for a heavier blind a sturdier tube needs to be bought. Each product has a different specification about the accessories and the maximum and minimum widths available.

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