Wooden Venetian Blinds Overview

Classic beauty at its best coupled with extreme durability and optimum control of light is what wooden venetian blinds provide. Quite a number of stunning alternatives are available in terms of slate material namely, oak, beech, walnut, mahogany and maple, which can be chosen according to the décor type. Wooden venetian blinds are a great décor add-on which can be used to compliment rest of the look such as pelmets and other furniture to bring in a sense of harmony. In terms of practicality, wooden venetian blinds allow you to regulate natural light the way you want to protect your priced furniture from scorching heat as well as ensure optimum privacy in your home.

As far as structure is concerned most of these blinds are created out of basswood, which are further stained to offer different shades and finishes. Other expensive variants are also available such as mahogany and cherry, which can be used for special area for added aesthetics. Benefits are plenty when it comes to Wooden Venetian blinds, privacy being the most prominent one. The wooden slates can be so angled that it completes restricts internal view from outside while giving the residents the liberty to see the outside clearly. The next advantage that wooden blinds provide is reduced glare, which is extremely important for few areas such as dens and studies.

Maintenance is also simple if compared to other types of blinds and these blinds last really long, thus providing value for money spent. A great thing about wooden blinds is that they can be made completely from scratch to fit any window shape. Otherwise you can also opt for trimmed to fit options, where readymade blinds are trimmed according to the available space.

Along with the series of advantages, the wooden Venetian blinds have few limitations as well. The most prominent one is warping of the wooden slates. Since wood is a natural product, hence it is but natural that with time and exposure to natural elements, the warps are going to warp a bit. Besides that, patterns, grains and colors also vary from slate to slate, but this brings in a unique look to each piece. Knock outs are also common in wooden venetian blinds, which basically are the wooden chips on the edges. Although knock-outs are minimized in deluxe blinds, however it is next to impossible to eliminate them completely.

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